Time zones and stuff

It’s blowing my kids’ minds that their grandfather, who lives in eastern Canada, is in 2012 when we’re still in 2011. I guess time zones aren’t covered until fourth grade, or something.

This is how my attempt at an explanation went:

Me: It has something to do with the way the earth revolves around the sun and maybe the way the moon makes waves in the ocean.

8 y.o.: That doesn’t make any sense.

7 y.o.: Did you learn that in college?

Me: I studied sociology in college.

8 y.o.: Does that mean no?

Me: It means I studied the way society as a whole, and subgroups within society, function.

8 y.o. to the 7 y.o. as they leave the room: Okay, she’s making that up.  

Me calling after them: No seriously, that’s what I studied in college.

8 y.o. from another room: Whatever mom.

Me (to no one in particular): What the hell just happened?

Anyway, my whole point is…it’s almost a new year! Where the honk does time go?

Every year on Dec. 31 I take the calendar from the year that’s ending and the calendar for the new year and I transfer all the important dates, events that occur annually, birthdays, etc. Knowing this is a tradition, I always put a note to myself on Dec. 31 of the upcoming year. I sit there and think, “I’m going to think back to writing this and wonder, where did the year go?”

Apparently on Dec. 31, 2010 I wasn’t feeling overly creative because I simply wrote, “Again?” in today’s box. Total buzz kill. I wrote a freakin’ novel for Dec. 31, 2012. Not really, it’s a one-inch square, but this time next year I’ll read it and think, “How witty of me! And where did the last twelve months go?!”

2011 was a bi-polar sort of year for my small tribe. My husband’s oldest turned 18 and graduated from high school. That same son performed in his final high school theatrical production, under the direction of his dad. We were able to purchase a home, not the first we’ve purchased together, but our dream home, for sure. Our daughter nearly died. Our daughter survived. We had birthdays, holidays and other special events. We had broken bones- minor and major- and said good-bye to some old friends.

For the most part, 2011 was good to us. Our bills were paid, we have good health insurance, we didn’t miss meals. I’m humbled by the millions who can’t say the same. For all of those people, I hope 2012 brings with it peace and provision. 

I feel the rumblings of big things for my family in 2012. Good things. Times when we’ll find ourselves saying, again, “Thank You Lord!” and contemplating how blessed we truly are. Undoubtably I’ll still have the end-of-the-month jitters (that’s a lack of trust on my part, more than anything else, because God has always provided for us). Summer will make me nervous as I pinch pennies and pray that we get through until my teacher-husband gets his paycheck at the end of September. That same man, my heart, will turn 50. Our oldest will turn 9, his last single-digit birthday. Our oldest daughter will turn 8; I suspect celebrating her life will always be different now. My youngest son will start kindergarten, our baby will start preschool.

Americans will head to the polls. We may see change. We may not.

I hope all of those people who set their projects and dreams to the shelf, take them down, dust them off and have the courage to take the next step. Whatever that step is.

2012 might be the year I finally write my book.

Mostly, I want peace for those I love. I wish for happiness. Life has taught me things don’t always go my way, so I’ll strive to stand on the foundation that God has a perfect plan, that His plan is so much better than mine and all I need to do is trust.

I want to hear about God in the lives of my friends and family. Whether people believe in Him or not, He can work mightily in their lives. Following a whispered prayer, a tearful plea or an angry shout- total silence, even- God can do amazing things. I pray this year is the year that people will let Him.

And may 2012 be the year that the Niners please, please (!) make it to the Super Bowl.

Happy New Year friends.


One thought on “Time zones and stuff

  1. Tara December 31, 2011 / 9:10 pm

    You need a globe and a flashlight. The explanation will be much easier. Hold the flashlight still and spin the globe.

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