Advent Day 1: Hope for the Waiting

November 27

We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield.
Psalm 33:20 (NIV)

Advent: The arrival of a notable person, thing, or event; the coming or second coming of Christ.

For the Church, Advent represents the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Each week brings into focus one of four different characteristics personified by Jesus’ very existence: Hope, Love, Joy, Peace. Two-thousand years ago, the Savior of the world laid linen-swaddled in the arms of a young mother. A tiny baby, Jesus was an answer to prayer, and the fulfillment of prophecy.

He is the Greatest Gift in all of history.

The birth of the Messiah brought hope for this life, and hope for eternal life. As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, may we find comfort knowing that in the hope-filled waiting – waiting for his return like those who waited for his birth – he is our help and he is our shield. He came so that we might live.

For today: As Christmas approaches, is there something that makes it difficult for you to have hope? If so, take a moment, and in a simple prayer, talk to God about it. Ask him to help you find hope for what you’re facing as you head into the holiday season.



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